Physical, Mental, and energitic practices TO rewire your brain & unlock your heart.

Be Alive.
Rise to your potetial.
Live with passion and purpose.


Struggling with making your health a priority?

Are you tired of being last on your list, but don’t know where to begin?

Our short 28 min fitness and wellness classes are designed just for you.

7SYNERGY works as a system to optimize your health in the most fun, efficient, and effective ways possible.

  •  7sweat works it
  • 7stretch releases it
  • 7still integrates it
  • 7sync recalibrates it
  •  7mobility keeps it moving for life
  • 7zoom for kids because they need it too. 

Our methods are backed by science to get you fit, focused, and calm. But you won't know until you experience it for yourself.

Start living your best life now. 7SYNERGY is not just another fitness fad. We are a heart centered approach to life.

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Here’s what you do:

  1. Click the link below.
  2. Check the class schedule and make sure you am make it work for you. Best practices is a minimum of 2x per week. Commitment = Transformation. (remember you’ll also have access to online classes to keep the party going even when you can’t make it in)
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"Transformation happens when we challenge ourselves to grow.. it can’t be any other way."

We've got your back.

You can do this.

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You stand at the threshold...

but will you step through the door?

You matter and have great purpose.


I know, self-doubt, fear, and limiting-beliefs held you back in the past. 


You think, “I’ve tried before….”,  “I’m so overwhelmed, I can’t even start…”,  or you’re just tired of trying and can’t bare the pain and shame of failing again.


But what if those past failures happened to let you know it was not the path for you? 


When you were an infant learning to walk, you fell 17 times per hour! You had no problem with failure. It didn’t exist in your mind, and you were free to explore and learn. 


But somewhere along the way falling became failing, and that brought a slew of emotions with it. 


You started telling yourself that you’re not good enough, and the pain of shame and embarrassment were to be avoided at all costs.   


Here’s the thing, it’s just a program running in your mind, that when trigged, causes you to feel painful emotions from your past held in the memory of your body. 


To avoid those uncomfortable feelings you unconsciously make decisions to sabotage your “best efforts”. 


You CAN rewrite your operating system. But to do so, you’ll have to do something different. 


Your greatness depends on YOU stepping out of your comfort zone. There is no other way.


You just can’t continue with feeling the same way, doing the same thing, and expect things to change. 


You ARE ready, but this is a choice only you can make. 


It takes courage. 


Feel it. A blend of excitement and fear as your heart beckons you.


I’ve been at that threshold many many times before. Standing there waiting… my heart racing, but in a moment of courage taking that step not knowing what was on the other side.


I can tell you, when you choose the unknown despite the presence of fear, it feels amazing. Your heart swells with love and self-respect. 


Failing was my learning, and the same goes for you. 


Out of the many trials and errors in my life something great was created.


7SYNERGY a comprehensive system of physical, mental, and energetic practices designed to rewire your brain and unlock your heart.


We teach ordinary people like you to discover your extraordinary. You’ll learn how to align your thoughts, actions, and feelings with your purpose, passion, and potential. 


We want you to rediscover the aliveness and joy of that child who’s willing to fall 17 times per hour to pursue their vision of walking on their own. 


Let’s walk together and manifest our shared vision of a better world. Your unique contribution is essential regardless of size, because it’s only the underlying intent that matters.


We don’t accept playing small. 


You’re too important for us to let you do that.


7SYNERGY teaches you how to cultivate continuity with the energetic frequencies of life and empowers you to align and amplify them through the heart.  


You’ll learn now to rewrite your past emotional experiences and exactly how to  manifest a new future.   


We are practical and functional. There is nothing complicated about what we do, and we have science to back us up. 


As a bonus, our classes are designed to work with the intensity and speed of modern life. That means you’ll get more done in less time.  


No matter where you’re starting from you can find a home here. 


You can live with vitality, love, peace, and joy, no matter what. 


Stop re-living your past. Your future self happens now. 


Become a Charter Member today. Sign up here. As a founding member you will be well taken care of and you’ll receive a lifetime of benefits.



And remember, if you can change yourself, you CAN change the world.

The tribe
DSC_0258 (2)


We care about you.

Our classes are 28-minutes short. 

Drop-in for one or stack ’em and stay longer. They’re desiged to be modular so you can fit it in to your schedule. 

No excuses. 

5 am no problem.

9pm no problem.

 Charter Members have access to free online classes.

 You can keep your practice going even when life gets busy or takes you to foregin lands. 

The best part? In just 28-minutes, you’ll surpass the health benefits achieved in traditionl exercise and stretch routines.

Yeah, we like it like that.  

The Stack

Less is more.

28 min classes = more time for life. 


Short on time? Quickly boost metabolism and build muscle with a series of short burst movements.


Feeling stiff? Learn how to activate and release for the perfect balance between stability and fluidity. 


Mind racing? Be still and rewire your brain and body’s operating system in our heart guided sessions.    


Energy feeling low? Try this guided sonic experience of intention and movement to liberate a wellspring of energy within you.  


Feeling less agile? Designed to drastically improve functional strength + movement in those with but not limited to neuromuscular diseases, arthritis, joint replacements, and obesity. 





intro Offers

choose one

Intro Offer Trial Class Package

7 x 28 minute classes

$35 try it out
  • one offer per person
  • one time payment
  • never expires
  • use any time

Intro Offer Trial Membership

30 days unlimited classes

$70 Best deal!
  • one offer per person
  • unlimited classes
  • one time payment
  • No monthly commitment or contract


You’re busy and can only come in once or twice a week. You want to build a stronger, leaner, and more flexible body.

Grounded Membership

14 x 28 minute classes

$81.50 per month
  • Can be used for all 28 min classes
  • You only plan on attending 1-2x per week
  • Discounts for special events
  • Unused classes expire at the end of the month
  • *

You’re ready to totally optimize your life on every level You want to sync, sweat, stretch, and be still on a regular basis.

Expanded Membership

unlimited classes

$126.00 per month
  • Can be used for all 28 min classes
  • 1 FREE personal strategy session with three month commitment
  • Exclusive discounts on special events
  • Access to the private 7synergy Facebook group

Pay per class

You’re busy and comitting to once a week is your max. You need this, but aso need a flexiable plan.

Class Pack

7 x 28 minute classes

  • Can be used for all 28 min classes
  • You only plan on attending 1x per week max
  • Classes never expire!

You might be visiting town, or you just can't commit. We get it. Come when you can.


1 x 28 min class

  • Can be used for any 28 min class
  • Classes never expire!
  • Just sign up for a class and pay for it in checkout.

Other services

Synchronize your diet! It has to do wiht the rhythem of your eatng. Scientifially proven and super easy to do! Look and feel 10 years younger and have more energy!

7nourish session

1 x 60 private coaching

  • Reduce body fat
  • Get rid of brain fog
  • Increase muscle mass and energy levels
  • Activate your body’s natural healing process
  • Sustainable steps that allow you eat what you love

Theaputic stretching at it's best! You relax while your body is gently stretched. Thai stretching gives greater benefits than massage and the results last.

Get Stretched

1 x 90 minute Thai stretching

  • Reduce stress
  • Release deeply held tension
  • Learn how to breathe better
  • Increase flexibility and joint mobility
  • You get to relax while your body is stretched open

Need an extra boost to your practice? Perhaps you'd rather try your first classes privatly? Privates a great as a stand alone or in addition to group classes. Let's get focused on you!

Private Sessions

1 x 28 minute class

  • Achieve your goals
  • Get detailed alignment
  • Sessions are tailored just for you
  • We can find solutions for specific issues
  • Privates are a great way to stay motivated!
  • *

“Show up authentically and synergy will meet you there.”