Why I’m ​leaving yoga and doing my own thing

I was broken emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

I got into yoga to heal myself. 

I went to a traditional yoga teacher training school and submersed myself into the whole of the practice. 

We only learned 12 asanas.  

We meditated a lot. 

We chanted holy names all day long.

We ate two vedic meals per day. No eggs, onions, garlic, chocolate, or coffee. ( One day one of the Swamis cam back from the store with a jug of chocolate milk…I laughed out loud) 

I cried. 

My body ached from siting on the floor all day and those 12 asanas kicked my butt.

My mind fought against all that meditation. 


I healed. 

I retuned home to help others heal. 

Since then the Yoga world has changed. 

The journals I adored now emphasize hyper flexibility, the next pair of leggings, tell you what to wear to your next retreat, and there’s always the latest detox craze.  

I get it. It sells. 

But, Yoga is an inside job. That’s why I got into it.

I just want to feel good. 

Yes I’ve done daily 2-3 hr practices…for years.

But guess what, all that time on the mat was out of balance.

I have a family. I have a business. Modern yoga needs to address this. 

Plus I had developed slow twitch muscles (long holds in warriors or power flows) but the fast twitch ones ( think jumping and burst like movements) were seriously out of shape. 

I saw that the super yogis were secretly sneaking off to gyms to get the picture perfect body. 

I didn’t want to do that. 

So I changed it up. 

I feel and look younger. 

My energy is through the roof. 

I feel happy on the inside. 

I now have time to be with my family, run my business and get together with friends.  

No more back pain from too much back bending. 

I’ve got all the flexibility I need.

My arthritic ankle from an injury is stronger than ever. I can walk for longer times and even go on some longer hikes. (thanks to all the jumping) 

7SYNERGY classes are different, and that’s a good thing.

Things change. It’s a fact of life. It’s called evolution. 

I’m willing to be different. But if you know me you already know that.

This was not easy but I feel this with my whole heart. 

I offer you a program that will free you of the stories that have held you back. 

No skills needed. No flexibility required. 7SYNERGY will help you live to your highest potential… to live in harmony with yourself.

This is for us. Because at the heart of it, this is for harmony in all that we do.

Here you can free from the downward pull to be small. 

You can rise up be a beacon of light for all. 

He is not interested in externalities, showmanship, performance, or smiles falsely pasted on our faces. He cares about who we really are on the inside, and therefore, so should we. (1Samuel 16:7)

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