7 Benifits​ of 7sweat HIIT Classes

Short on time?  No problem! 

Below are 7 key physical benefits of 7sweat.

What we do in 7sweat is not your typical high-Intensity interval sets. Its above and beyond.  

Our unique functional moves have been designed for the longjevity of your joints.  In a short amout of time you’ll  see an increase in functional movement and improvements in your overall posture.  

But the absoulte magic is this…we recalibrate our experience at the level of the heart and that my friends is where the magic is! 

Below are a few of the key physical benefits. 

  1. 7sweat classes can burn a lot of calories in far less time than traditional forms of exercise.
  2.  Your metabolic rate is higher for hours after a 7sweat class. 
  3. The fun burst like moves in 7sweat helps you lose fat in less time. Researches discovered the high-intensity interval training turns your body into a fat burning machine instead of burning carbs. 
  4. You “ll get both cardio and gain muscle in 7sweat. It’s time efficient. Get more done ins less time.
  5. More energy. Those fun moves we do in 7sweat classes has been proven to increase oxygen consumption in less time than traditional forms of exercise   
  6. Need to reduce blood pressure and heart rate? 7sweat has you covered! Backed by science
  7. Struggling to lower your blood sugar levels. Yup, it helps with that too.

Please note all bodies are different and actual physical responses will vary by individual. 


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