Top Secret Reason People Exercise

What is one of the top secret reasons people start to exercise
…but don't always want to admit?

Secretly people want to be more buff, firmer, butt lifted, and jiggle-free because they believe they’ll like themselves better and be more liked by others.

Not everyone fits into this camp, and not everyone is top secret about this.

If you look deeper you may find some self-loathing lurking around below the surface. Why else would you be so happy when things firm up and want to show it off?

There’s nothing wrong with that. It can get you motivated, but there IS a problem with that. 

You’re starting from a place of dissatisfaction with who you are.  

If you hate who you are, why would you want to care for yourself? Exercise becomes a way to punish yourself rather than a celebration and self care so you can flourish. 

WHAT IF you exercised because you love every inch of you (no exceptions), and wanted to do the absolute best to take care of yourself?

Try that on for size.

It FEELS a whole lot better just thinking about it.

Love IS the secret sauce to sustainable self-care and how to live your greatest life! 

Our classes at 7SYNERGY guide you above and beyond. This is not just another fitness fad or gimmick. You are taught to align with love and by doing so you unlock a wellspring of powerful energy. This will fuel your transformation and make it a fun-filled journey of ever-expanding happiness.

Me telling you this means nothing.  You can only experience it.

If you are not feeling fantastic right now, it’s up to you to try something different.

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